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My teaching activity combines the areas of theory and practice in contemporary art, cultural studies, foreign languages, ​​and communication. None of the areas directly intersect, but each of them allows me to create an extensive course and consider the topics raised from different angles. Over my career at the intersection of art, curatorship, and education, I have managed to mentor 70+ young artists and teach 200+ bachelor and master students as a multilingual lecturer, using completely different approaches depending on their degree.

I combine my multidiciplinary experience with personal attention to the student. The content of the work, whether it is an artistic statement or an essay in a foreign language, should be part of the reflections, questions, and radical thinking of a particular individual. It's crucial in my curatorial and teacher's work with artists, who use human's body and mind as material to create a work of art. The inpulse should be from inside, the future transformation from outside. 

Performance Art Program at BHSAD

Performance art has long ceased to be an elitist or marginal genre of art, becoming part of visual culture and the language of artistic, socio-political, or existencial reflection. Its existence within the framework of art education still requires a great deal of international conversation and certain agreement.

As a curator and teacher, I explore the genre from different angles and let students  gain a fundamental base of theoretical knowledge and be able to put their own ideas into practice. Having accumulated all my international experience, intellectual and artistic work I felt it necessary to develop an innovative course that explores performative media and contributes to changing the approach to art education.

In 2018, I elaborated and introduced a performance art course for the MFA program at the British Higher School of Art and Design and the Moscow Shcool of Contemporary Art, which became the first art educational course of its type in the country.  We managed to organize and curate five large-scale live art student exhibitions, initiate collaboration with local and international performance artists, and give Russian artists the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field. 

"The modern trend of contemporary art and gallery business  is to remove the line between performance art, theater, and choreography, changing the main principle of the pioneers and the genre itself. I am trying, on the contrary, to preserve and defend the independence of performance art in the name of theater, choreography, and body art itself. If you invent a new language or a new form, call it something else or, at least, specify."

The course is elaborated for practicing artists who want to get acquainted with the principles of performance art in theory and practice. It is useful for curators, art historians, scholars, art managers, employees of museums, galleries, exhibition centers who would like to delve into the specifics of live art. 

Understanding the fundamentals of performance art block talks about the differences between “classical” performance art and contemporary practices, the phenomena of a performance artist and the main problems of exhibiting Action art.


The Pecularities of perception dicusses the relations between the public, artist and the work of art as well as the basic principles and elements of  body, space, time , viewer and context.


The Fundamentals of Historiography and Typology examines the evolution and transformation of live art, key works by pioneers  and  how marginality and radicalism become the new institutionalism.


The Theory into Practice block  is dedicated to the complex projects carried out by students themselves. The performative project includes all the  preparation stages of solo shows in the common space.

Live Art Exhibitions

2023 - Games people play, Moscow School of Contemporary Art

2022 - Tales for Tomorrow art exhibiton, Moscow School of Contemporary Art

2021 – The Needs performance art exhibition, Moscow School of Contemporary Art 


2021 - The Internal question performance art exhibition, Moscow School of Contemporary Art 

2019 – The Fears performance art exhibition, Moscow School of Contemporary Art 

2020 – The instruction performance art exhibition, British School of Art and Design in Moscow 

2018 -Reaching Beyond performance art exhibition, British School of Art and Design in Moscow 

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